Gmail’s major redesign now available to everyone

Gmail redesign is official

Google’s email par excellence is a platform that is constantly being updated to be more competitive. Suffice it to mention that just a few weeks ago we exposed how to activate the new email design. Now, the news is official, and it is that the great gmail redesign is starting to hit the system everywhere in the world.

The rebuild of Gmail has been taking place since February, but now it will indeed reach all users.

So far we’ve only been able to see some previews of what the Gmail platform might look like, but this will change very soon. The new look will arrive in full force shortly, here we will give some details of what it will bring with it.

Gmail redesign is more than just a facelift

The first thing you need to know is that the new update will have a completely renewed appearance that will serve to integrate other Google services. Such is the case of the applications Meet, Spaces and Chat with Gmail. The goal is for the system to be able to bring everything together in one place so that email productivity and convenience are greatly increased.

Each of the services will have a dedicated tab in a sidebar that will put the most important apps and functions within clicking distance. They will also enable notification bubbles to let you know in which app you have new messages. Chat and Spaces will display a complete list of contacts and conversations you have had recently.

One point that cannot be overlooked is that Google confirmed that users will be able to locate chat histories in the search bar, as if it were a mail. Another relevant news is that the redesign will also come to tablets. These devices will have better support for emoticons and accessibility tools.

But there’s more, the tablets will also feature optimized features for Google Drive, Keep, Docs, Slide and Sheets. Some of the improvements will be dragging and dropping images and files between apps, along with a special multi-window experience for Drive.

You’ll be getting a redesigned Gmail very soon, which is great news. The platform will have several interesting additions that will facilitate many everyday tasks in your day-to-day life.

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