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It is said that the best place to hide something that you don’t want anyone to find is the second page of Google results. And the fact is that, faced with the string of search results, and unless the first ones to appear do not offer the answer to the request, few are those who venture into the following pages. This is something that SEO positioning experts know a lot about, as they work to ensure that their companies’ websites appear on the first page of results.

Extending the number of results displayed on the first page of Google would be equivalent to six pages of results

Now, to expand the results accessible through the vertical scroll and avoid having to go to that first-world annoyance of going to the second page of results, Google has added in the desktop version of its search engine the loading of the equivalent of six pages of results on a single (and very long) first page, so that only after more than extended review of that large number of results would one have to access the second page (which would now be equivalent to the seventh page of results).

Only at the end of that now extended scrolling through the results offered would the “See more results” button appear, allowing access to the following pages.

This is a similar capability to that already introduced in October last year to the mobile version, consisting of. infinite vertical scrolling which, in fact, rendered obsolete that concept of “result pages”.

Initially Google is offering this new way of displaying results in the United States and only for searches in English, but taking into account how the introduction of this feature worked in the mobile version it is foreseeable that in a short period of time and gradually it will also start to be available in more countries and for more languages.

The inspiration for this new way of displaying results seems to mimic the “infinite scroll” common in social networks, where no matter how far you scroll, new posts always continue to appear, without any interruption and without a “second page” on which the content continues.

On the other hand and according to Google the usual thing in searches is that. the user, at most, advances to the fourth page of results.The new way of displaying results, which as noted above is equivalent to displaying six pages of results on one page, would more than cover those needs.

The purpose of this change would be to provide greater speed in searches and, in theory, would relegate less relevant searches from the first pages.

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