Google allows parents to remove pictures of their children

Google announced that parents Remove your children’s pictures that appear in Search. The announcement is part of a series of measures designed to help keep miners safe online.

Platforms and social networks have safeguards in place for online exposure of minors

Removing the pictures of minors enables parents to reduce the “digital footprint” of minors on the Internet, Control their exposure on the Internet.

On the other hand, the ability to block advertisers from segmenting the audiences they target their ads to based on the age, gender or interests of the minors is enhanced by enabling, by default, the option that limits the possibilities in terms of the maximum user privacy with search filters. A problem yet to be resolved is that minors can lie about their real age in order to circumvent these parental controls.

This protection for children also includes removing content that is deemed too commercial from the children’s version of YouTube, YouTube Kids, as well as changes to the type of ads that are allowed to be posted if they are aimed at an audience under the age of 18.

In particular, Alphabet (parent company of Google and YouTube) states that they won’t let you Product placement (Product Ad Placement) in the content that appears on YouTube Kids. It is announced that in the coming weeks content that focuses exclusively on the packaging of the product or directly encourages minors to buy will be removed. Another action YouTube will take is disable autoplay by default in both YouTube Kids and apps.

Such measures have already been incorporated into their accounts for children under 16 as standard in their content policies by other platforms such as Instagram, while the photographic social network is in the middle of a controversy over the possibility of offering a child photo. Version months ago, the Chinese company Tencent activated a Facial recognition system that prevented minors from playing online at night.

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