Google allows “search by tab” in Chrome

Google Chrome search for tab

When surfing the Internet, users generally open many windows in the same browser, turning the screen into a swarm of open tabs. This can cause problems finding a particular tab. To fix the situation, Google Chrome will release a feature called “Search by Tab” in its next update, number 87.

Google makes it easy to find users who open many tabs in Google Chrome

When the feature starts, it’s on the top bar of the Google Chrome browser and is represented by a button with a down arrowhead. It’s between the button to minimize the screen and the last opened Chrome tab.

Pressing this button activates a field in which a word is written relating to the title of the tab that the user is trying to find. The result is shown just below the search and the user just needs to click on it to be automatically taken to the navigation tab, as shown in the following figure:

Google Chrome tab search function

According to Google, this feature will initially be available for Chromebook, its laptops with the Chrome operating system. However, its use is expected to soon expand to the rest of the operating systems that support the Google Chrome browser, as it does on Windows and Mac computers.

If you don’t want to wait for the Google Chrome update, you can turn on the “Search by Tab” option in Windows, although this is not the official one. To do this, all you have to do is find the Google Chrome icon on the desktop and click the right button. Then click on the “Properties” option and look for the “Shortcut” tab.

Then add the following command at the end of the “Destination” section without deleting the items written there: «-Enable-features = TabSearch»

Then press the “OK” button. If you’ve opened Chrome, close it and then open it again. The Tabbed Search button appears.

In any case, the update to version 87 of Google Chrome shouldn’t be long in coming. It also includes the announced tab performance improvement as well as the feature that allows you to sort the tabs into groups.

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