Google Analytics predicts user behavior

Google Analytics

Google introduced its new version of Analytics It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to display useful information that is easier for users to understand, and to provide predictive reports on user behavior on web pages.

The new Google Analytics uses artificial intelligence to anticipate users’ actions and make predictions about their behavior

The new Google Analytics uses methods of machine learning to inform the user of new trends in the behavior of users browsing the website. For example, you can be alerted to a specific page that has received more visits in the past few weeks or a product that has received more orders.

Thanks to AI, the new Google Analytics can even predict and anticipate the future actions of the visitors. For example, the probability of a web page being abandoned can be calculated so that the user can refresh the page and find a way to retain users and prevent them from leaving.

One of the predictive metrics of the new analytics is potential income, which is very useful for anyone wanting to run ads in Google Ads as they can create high value, personalized audiences.

Google Analytics can also be integrated into other marketing tools from Google like Tag Manager or Google Ads, which offers a more efficient way to create better audiences and experiences for users to interact with ads more. The new integration will also allow advertisers to see how their ads are performing on all platforms from Google Play Store apps to YouTube. They provide reports that can help them better understand the marketing effort.

The new analytics data is customer-centric and does not provide piecemeal measurement across devices or platforms. In this way it can be determined whether customers are discovering the website through an ad, installing the application and making purchases from there, or, on the contrary, going to the page directly and buying from it. With this information, it is possible to better understand a customer’s life cycle from acquisition to conversion and retention.

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