Google announces 12,000 layoffs worldwide

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Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is laying off 12,000 workers worldwide.. This has been confirmed by Sundar Pichai, CEO of the company, in a letter sent to all workers.

Google will lay off 6% of its employees worldwide.

Employees who will leave the company account for 6% of Google’s total contracted workforce. worldwide. Those affected in the United States have already received a notice, while in other countries will be notified “in the coming days”, as the company is adjusting to the legislation in each country.

Google thus joins other tech giants that will also make massive layoffs in the coming weeks. Microsoft will cut 10,000 jobs worldwide (5% of its workforce); Amazon will do the same with 18,000 workers, Meta (Facebook’s parent company) will lay off 11,000 employees, Twitter a total of 3,700…

The bleeding continues in many other technology companies. Among the reasons, the international economic situation, the war in Ukraine, the decline in e-commerce after the pandemic… In this regard, Pichar assures that the company had carried out in recent years a “hiring policy to match the spectacular growth experienced in this period. We hired for a different economic reality than the one we are facing today,” he says.

This leads to the announced layoffs, which will affect all of the company’s teams, from commercial to human resources to engineering to product development, as well as the management force. According to the company, making the decision has not been easy, but they have decided to carry out a rigorous reorganization across all areas and functions in order to continue to respond to the company’s top priorities.

“I am confident in the great opportunity in front of us because of the strength of our mission, the value of our products and services, and our early investments in artificial intelligence,” Pichai told his employees in the letter sent.

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