Google announces important changes to Feedburner

Feedburner has been part of Google for 14 years. It is a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) manager, a system that allows users to get information about new website publications without having to access it.

Starting in July 2021, the Feedburner will be modernized, which will affect some of its functions.

Feedburner Permite Configure RSS for your own sitesYou can also follow the RSS of other websites (instead of the already closed Google Reader, for which Feedly can also be used, for example), analyze the statistics of the followers and take many other actions, e.g. B. Advertising through Google Ads.

Starting in July, Google will be making changes to the service to modernize the user interface and operating system. On that note, though Feedburner will keep working While the changes are being made, some features, such as: B. E-mail subscription management is not available. It is therefore recommended to download the list of subscribers in order to migrate to another service.

On the other hand, blogger users who have this enabled Widget FollowByEmail de Feedburneris also affected as it will no longer be available from June 2021. Although feeds are still active and available, they are no longer automatically sent via email. Those who wish can download the subscriber list and view a new management service.

Most users don’t need to take any action, however, as the changes won’t affect their usage dynamics. All existing feeds will continue to be published without interruption and it will still be possible to create new accounts and record new feeds.

The core functions of managing feeds are still supported, as is the ability to change and modify the URL, source feed, title and any metadata for content or podcasts. Basic analysis of feed requirements as well as capabilities to create tags for MP3 files will continue to be available.

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