Google Assistant learns to pronounce names correctly

The Google Assistant can learn this Properly pronounce proper namesThanks to an upcoming update that will be available in the coming days as confirmed by the company.

Intelligent assistants may have trouble pronouncing some proper nouns

It is so easy to tell the intelligent assistant the correct way to pronounce the user’s first name, how to pronounce it out loud, and the Google Assistant can intelligently learn and customize its pronunciation. With this function it is also possible to indicate to the assistant in a natural way how the names contained in the contact list are pronounced, and this with the voice chosen by the user, which it can change if necessary.

Another of the new features that this Google Assistant update includes is the ability to improve the understanding of the context when the intelligent assistant is asked by voice to change warnings, alarms or appointments in the calendar. Taking into account the alarms already activated and the name assigned to them, you can understand the context of the order.

As an example, Google states that if an alarm has been set with the time required to cook potatoes, it is sufficient to display the “Cancel Potato Alarm” order and the wizard will contextualize the order and apply it to the specific alarm.

Another use can be to extend the time limit for an alarm that has already been set by simply mentioning it so that the Google Assistant can understand that you don’t want to set a new alarm and need to cancel the alarm that has already been set. Reprogramming for the new specified time.

All of this is an important advance in intelligent learning through natural conversation. At the moment the update is limited to the way names are pronounced and alarms and alarms are changed. However, it is expected that this technology will continue to develop and gradually expand its contextual understanding skills well beyond the various pre-defined commands.

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