Google Assistant now helps send voice memos

Google assistant

Google Assistant now not only reminds you of the meetings you have scheduled for the day or which you should wash your hands, but also helps you send an audio message with a voice command without resorting to a messaging platform .

Google Assistant voice messages are only available in two languages: English and Portuguese

This feature allows you to send an audio note just by asking Google’s digital assistant directly. That said, if you want to contact someone and send a text message, you can now do so via an audio note without resorting to the messaging tool, messaging app, or pressing and holding the button to record and record the audio send.

Audio message from Google Assistant

This function simplifies many steps. To do this, all you have to do is ask the Google Assistant and activate the system with the property “Hey, Google”. Once the Google Virtual Assistant is activated, all you have to do is tell it that you want to send a voice memo that says, “Send an audio message to [nombre del contacto]»And the system automatically activates the function for recording your message. Then all you have to do is say the text of the message you want to send.

After the Google Assistant is activated and the message is ready to be sent, the system will ask on which platform you want to send the audio note. This can be WhatsApp, Telegram or another messaging app and can also be sent via the SMS messaging tool.

Currently the feature is only available in two languages, English and Portuguese. However, Google is working on extending them to the rest of the languages, although there is no verified data for the search engine’s virtual assistant to send messages in other languages ​​like Spanish. or French for example.

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