Google brings back Google Wallet as a standalone app

Google Wallet

Google has announced the return of Walletits electronic wallet application capable of managing credit cards, gift cards, airline tickets, passes… adding the biometric security of the mobile device where it is installed.

Wallet works as a virtual wallet with the added biometric security offered by the smartphone

Until now Wallet was part of Google Pay, the payment platform of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) although it had previously had an existence as an independent app, something it now recovers.

Google’s intention is to expand the uses and functions so that vaccination certificates, event tickets, electronic hotel or car keys and even, depending on government stipulations, official identity documents can also be stored in Wallet.

In essence Google Wallet offers in the Google ecosystem equivalent features to Apple Wallet in the bitten apple ecosystem. But integration with the rest of the Google ecosystem goes far beyond a simple electronic wallet. Thus Google Wallet is integrated with Google Maps so that costs can be managed on trips whose routes are plotted with the latter app.

Regarding the commissioning of Wallet, in some countries Google Pay is going to be transformed into Google Wallet (this is the case in Spain and 37 other countries) while in other countries (such as the United States and Singapore) they will continue to coexist as two independent applications. This will allow Google Pay to remain as a platform focused solely on managing payments and money transfers.

When this transition takes place, Wallet will gradually assume the integration with other third-party apps that can use its custody platform for this type of cards, passes, tickets… a custody with maximum security since it uses, among other aspects, the biometric identification provided by the mobile device itself.

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