Google Chrome changes its logo

Google Chrome logo

Google Chrome has introduced slight changes to its logo, emblem to which it had not made modifications since 2014. The changes are certainly imperceptible, but Elvio Hu, Google Chrome designer, has published a tweet on his Twitter account in which he explains the new features and shows each of the changes.

Hu also points out the reason for having made the modifications to the logo, which since its creation in 2008 had undergone major changes to conform to the basic lines of the more minimalist design.

Now, eight years after its last change, google Chrome logo dispenses with the shadows that were shown on the borders separating each color. The different shades are displayed completely flat on the screen, since, according to Google’s designers, the shadows that existed until now could give an unpleasant vibration sensation.

Ade0more, the blue circle inside seems to have gained some size. The colors of the logo, moreover, appear brighter. The emblem is thus, according to the company’s developers, more accessible, and more in line with the company’s reality.

Anyway, the logo will undergo some slight modifications depending on where it is used. On ChromeOS, for example, it will look brighter, while on MacOS it incorporates a small shadow, which makes it stand out from the desktop Dock.

For its part, in Windows 10 and Windows 11 the logo features a more dramatic gradient, to resemble the design of other icons used in Microsoft’s operating system.

It should be noted that Google has redesigned in recent years other logos of its main products, opting for more minimalist and flat lines, as in the case of Google Chrome. This can be seen in the logos of Gmail, Calendar or Google Meet, or of the search engine itself, which follow a very similar graphic and visual line, in which the three dimensions are abandoned to show much simpler 2D emblems.

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