Google Chrome launches “Power Saving” mode

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Google has announced two new features for its Google Chrome Internet browser. These are new improvements in memory saving and power saving, two of the usual complaints about Chrome’s performance.

The improvement is based on reducing visual effects when the battery drops below 20% and leaving inactive tabs idle

Chrome memory saving mode

In the case of memory usage, and unless the computer has a huge amount of memory, Google Chrome was slowing down the computer significantly, especially if it was used from a computer with more modest specifications. The improvement in memory saving promises a reduction in computer memory usage of up to 30% if this new mode is activated.

To achieve this, Google Chrome does something as simple as it is effective: it idles tabs that remain inactive.. When accessing any of them Chrome will reload its content, but not keeping it active in the background ensures this lower memory usage, which is what it was doing at the time. This slowdown will have been experienced by users who, when accessing a website, see how they begin to open multiple advertising windows.

Google Chrome power saving mode

For its part, the new power-saving mode limits background activity and reduces visual effects on web pages, such as animations and videos, when the computer’s remaining battery life drops below 20% charge.

All of these new features come to users with. the 108th update of Google Chrome and will be available in the versions for Windows, macOS and, of course, ChromeOS, rolling out as usual, gradually to the millions of users of this Internet browser worldwide, over the next few weeks.

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