Google Chrome OS is already testing its “dark mode”

Google Chrome OS dark mode

Google had planned to launch dark mode for Chrome OS – the Google Chrome operating system – on March 24th. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company was unable to complete the update. This has been delayed without a confirmed official start date.

“Dark Mode” could almost be enabled in Chrome OS after it was revealed to be in a testing phase in Canary, the Google Chrome test web service

Now, however, Google has started testing dark mode for Chrome OS in Google Canary, a web browser that is part of Chrome and is used to test updates before they are stably released to users.

Those who want to try Dark Mode on Chrome OS now can, but will need to access it from their Chromebook and switch to “Special Developer Mode” (not to be confused with the “Chrome OS Developer Channel”). Yes, you must have the Canary Canal installed. Also, when opening Chrome, they will need to enter the following commands in the browser’s URL bar:

-chrome: // flags / # enable-force-dark

-chrome: // flags / # enable-webui-dark-mode

During the trial period, Dark Mode can have some bugs and Canary can become unstable. However, according to the publications, the result is a completely dark interface and not a simple dark background as shown below:

Chrome OS Chromebook tests

The ability to enable dark mode in Chrome OS has not yet been confirmed. However, since the feature is already available in Canary, it could be available soon and join other Google services that already have a dark mode, such as: B. Gmail, Drive, Docs, Google Fit and the Google mobile application for Android and iOS. among other.

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