Google Chrome vs Tor comparison: which is the better browser?

Chrome versus Tor

Chrome vs. Toran inevitable comparison considering the web browser war in which Chrome remains the most dominant. However, it has to deal with alternatives like Tor and its “onion routing”, which, among other advantages, allows you to bypass the Internet censorship.

Despite being two of the best web browsers today, the importance of a Chrome vs Tor comparison lies in the fact that, as there are really few differences between one and the other, reviewing crucial aspects is essential when choosing the one that can adapt better to your needs.

Key Features of Chrome and Tor

Next, you can focus on certain fundamental sections that will allow you to determine which of these browsers is best:

– Security and privacy: Both Chrome and Tor promise their users the highest standards of privacy and security. However, in this particular, Tor has the lead, and it is all due to onion routing. It happens that, due to this encryption system, Tor user data is kept out of the reach of ISPs, governments, among other malicious entities.

– Extensions and plugins: Without a doubt, this is a section in which, thanks to the best Chrome extensions, the Google browser is recognized as one of the most comfortable to use. For its part, you can also install add-ons in Tor, but only those that are available to implement in Firefox.

– Accessibility: Chrome and Tor can run on virtually all of the most widely used operating systems. In this sense, you can have both browsers on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc. However, at the moment, Tor is not an option that is available to install on iOS devices.

– Fluency and performance: As is known, speed is, along with stability, simplicity and security, one of the four great priorities of Google Chrome. This, compared to Tor’s generally inferior loading speed due to its numerous rounds of encryption, makes Chrome the winner in terms of fluidity.

– Easy to use: Both browsers have a friendly interface whose use does not require any type of technical knowledge. Likewise, both Google Chrome and Tor offer the possibility of setting the default search engine with which you feel most comfortable. They also have easy-to-use configuration menus, private browsing, etc.

Final verdict

In general terms, it can be said that Google Chrome is the best recommendation for almost any type of user. However, if your desire is to have a more secure browser that allows you to access the Dark Web, then you should try Tor.

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