Google ChromeOS will allow not having to send files to oneself by email

Google Chrome

On occasion there is no choice but to send an email to yourself to save a file or document that, for various reasons, at that moment cannot be stored in a Dropbox-type cloud space or sent wirelessly to another device, nor can it be saved on a flash drive or hard drive.

ChromeOS is a lightweight operating system, based on Google’s Chrome browser

By simply clicking on a file or on the “Share” icon in an application or in the browser many times the easiest recourse is to opt for this possibility and forward said file to one’s own email address, but at Google they have developed a mechanism that can avoid that behavior. This is a function that allows file auto-sharing.

This is an experimental feature available in ChromeOS, Google’s operating system based Chrome web browser as well as on Android. This new feature works in a similar way to the option already available on the same that allows to share files with nearby devicessimilar to AirDrop in the Apple ecosystem.

In this case instead of selecting from a list of nearby wirelessly accessible devices it is about being able to send it to yourself, to the same device, and you will be able to choose whether to do it via Bluetooth wireless connection, via WiFi or by other means.

Since it has not yet been launched, it is not known if this option will also allow options such as assigning the reception of the file to different apps already installed on the device. What does seem clear is that if this new feature comes to ChromeOS it will not take long to also be available on Android, so that Google covers all possible options on devices in its own ecosystem … and even others.

And is that the aforementioned function that allows you to share files with nearby devices will be also available for Windows devices according to the announcement recently made by Google at the CES 2022 show held a few days ago in Las Vegas.

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