Google closes Google Street View

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The Google Street View application, as a separate entity from Google Maps, has an expiration date. Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has decided that as of March 21, 2023 Will delete the Street View app and stop supporting it.

Street View ceases to be a standalone app and becomes fully integrated with Google Maps.

Thus will end the history of an application that until seven years ago came factory-installed on most cell phones with the Android operating system and that allows you to walk on the street at different locations. However, this does not mean that this tool will cease to exist, but rather that it will evolve to adapt to a new stage.

This new stage actually began in 2015 when Google Street View 2.0 appeared, which meant integrating into Google Maps what until then was an independent tool. Among its functions is the possibility of walking the streets adding 360º images, but always. integrated into Google Maps as a specific function that allows even split-screen viewing of both platforms at the same time.

This is precisely the determining fact for the disappearance of Street View as a standalone application, the fact that having been integrated into Google Maps most users do not download an additional application but resort to the existing function within Google Maps itself.

From March 21, 2023 who is up to now upload photos to Street View or want to publish 360° videos will have to resort respectively to Google Maps or to. the Street View studio website, which will continue to host these 360° videos..

The bad news is that if there are features that are going to be completely lost once Street View disappears. It is an option called Photo Pathwhich allows you to connect a series of images, linking them to a route in Google Maps while displaying them as a successive photo gallery of a route.

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