Google confirms that “anchor text” is an SEO ranking factor

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The anchor text or anchor text in Spanish is the Text accompanying the links that are placed on websites. The main function of the anchor text is to provide a brief description of the linked content so that the user can understand what information will be found when the link is clicked.

John Mueller claims that a page with a lot of keyword rich anchor text can be flagged as spam by the Google Quality Team.

Previously, anchor text was used in SEO strategies to position web pages with specific keywords and to create link building strategies. However, there has always been some controversy about the weight of anchor text in page SEO positioning. Although many experts indicated that the misuse of keywords in the anchor text affected positioning, There was no official information at Google by this factor.

Now John Mueller, Google SEO expert, has pointed out that anchor text in one of the Hangouts with Google Webmasters Yes, they are a factor Positioning and that Google takes them into account when positioning the website in its search engine.

With this in mind, Mueller explained: “If the Google quality team detects a website with a lot of keywords that are rich in keywords, this is classified as problematic and checked by the spam team, which is responsible for deciding whether they are correct or not”. This means that it is very likely that the Google spam team will consider the links to be spam to ignore at the time of positioning the page.

Google will point this out for anchor text with a natural structure strengthen the SEO of the pageas they provide more context to the content of the website. This could be the reason why some pages are positioned on the Internet with no text of their own, as is the case with the Adobe Reader page, which has long been positioned by the “click here” keywords.

For more information, see the video in which Miller explains how Google deals with anchor text:

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