Google develops memory to store any idea or document with your voice

Google develops memory, a new feature for its intelligent assistant that allows the user to save all types of content just by speaking. With one command you can save ideas, notes, reminders, web pages, articles, screenshots … in a repository where the Android user can find anything they want to save.

Google only tests memory with company employees

Currently, Google is only testing the new tool with company employees. It is unknown if it will officially launch or when it could take place.

What is known is how it will work. The memory is compatible with most applications This enables the wizard to save dictated phrases, save titles, links or photos. All you have to do is click the Google Assistant shortcut on the screen of a connected device or bring up the Google Assistant which will dictate what you want to save as a reminder.

These memories are stored as if they were tokens. Some have a specific format depending on the type of content being saved or where it comes from. On this basis, Memory shows different alternatives in relation to possible actions: see trailer, open chat, cooking time (for recipes), tracking of shipments …

To access the memories you can Use a shortcut configured on the home screen of the mobile phone, smart speaker or Google Home device that is connected via a widget. Reminders are organized into two sections: reminders for the current day and previous reminders. They can be accessed and marked as Important or Read Later so that users can mark them up, organize them, and delete or share them at any time.

All of this represents a significant improvement on Google’s digital assistant, which was created in 2018 with an emphasis on voice commands. Last year an adjustment was added for recommendations and event reminders. Storage would therefore represent a new phase in the evolution of Google’s intelligent assistant, which can add more types of content to memories.

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