Google displays warnings about “fake news” and unreliable results

The Google search engine is testing a new tool that warns the user when Your Google search results are unreliable. At the moment it is in the testing phase and the hints are only shown to some users who use the search engine in English.

This Google search engine tool is designed to help combat misinformation in breaking news

This function is primarily intended to prevent the spread of hoaxes in the breaking news. When presented to a user, Google adds another warning so that the user can return to view the results of their search if quality information is available. Of course, Google has not explained in detail what it means by “quality information”.

As Google explains, it has trained its search engine to recognize the topics or messages in which the Sources of information were not checked. In these cases, Google will display a sign to the user that it is better to double-check the information later when more sources are available.

The ad in question warns users that information about their search is changing very quickly: “If the news is up to date, it may take some time for the results to show reliable information.”

As confirmed by the company, these tests started a week ago. Right now, this ad only appears in a very small percentage of searches, all of which relate to current trends and news.

Google, as well as other major technology platforms, have been the focus of controversy in recent years that have been accused of promoting disinformation. Because of this, the company has started to take the matter seriously and take steps to prevent the spread of hoaxes.

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