Google Docs to add suggestions to improve text quality

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Google Docs continues to add tools and in the coming days will begin to include suggestions related to grammar and various writing errors with the aim of improving the quality of writing in documents. For this purpose, a new tool called “Tone and style” will appear, but it will also try to suggest other modifications that take into account improvements in the expression of the content itself, such as aspects related to the inclusivity.

Errors will be marked with a thin purple line indicating a suggestion to improve the writing

The type of advice Google Docs will offer will focus on providing suggestions that will improve the text in order to make it more concise, inclusive or even point out the presence of swear words.

Until now this type of suggestions could be obtained through solutions offered by third-party developers, as is the case with Grammarly, which includes the ability to integrate with Google Docs and aims to improve the quality of writing. We will have to wait for this new Google Docs feature to be implemented to see whether it is sufficient on its own to correct these aspects or whether it will still be necessary to resort to external solutions.

Of course, this new feature will not be available to all users on different modes of Workspace, which has both free and paid plans. The “Tone and Style” option, at least initially, will only be accessible to users of the Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus and Education Plus plans. Users of the basic Google Workspace Essentials plan will not be able to enhance their texts with this tool.

This new assistant will start to be available from the next two weeks, so that from mid-April Google Docs users on the aforementioned plans will already see it activated by default when they write a text. If they wish to deactivate it, both the system administrator and the users themselves can do so.

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