Google Docs will add automatic correction to comments

Google presented the “Smart Compose” function for Gmail at the 2018 i / O developer conference and has since added it to other products.

Automatic entry and correction are enabled by default in Google Docs Comments starting today

This tool, which learns as the user uses it, suggests ways to complete a sentence and corrects possible typing errors.

Although it would appear that it is a feature that has been active in Google products for many years, this autocorrection and “automatically completed” Automatic launched in Google Docs in late 2019. However, it was only active for the main user-created content.

The function is now also available when you make comments on documents, both text and spreadsheets or presentations. This is useful as it makes it easier to write and proofread collaborative documents, for example when someone else is editing and commenting on the document.

As can be seen in the picture, the suggestions of the “Smart Compose” function are displayed in gray when the user writes his comment. If you click on the «Tab» button, you automatically accept the suggestion and the predefined text is written.

When Google identifies a misspelled comment in a Google Docs document, it changes the entry and underlines it with a dotted line so that the document owner is aware of the change and can delete it if desired. As you keep writing, the dotted line will go away when you’ve accepted the change.

As of today, these two functions, automatic writing and automatic correction of comments, are active by default and available to all Google Docs users. If you want to disable it, you can do so in the program’s configuration options.

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