Google Drive changes its policy and will be able to delete user files

Hacker usurp identities Google Drive

Google has started to scanning files stored by Google Drive users, its storage space in the Cloud. This is the implementation of its new company policies regarding the violation of its internal operating rules, established since last December 14.

Google will examine the contents of Drive and remove content that it deems malicious or inappropriate

This is content hosted on Google Drive, the storage space in the Cloud, where its users will be able to see deleted files that host and contain any of these contents:


-Sexually explicit material.

-Content that incites hatred.

-Files that harm minors.

The procedure Google will follow will be as follows:

-Scan the files.

-Locate malicious files.

-Report possible violation of terms.

-Content analysis by experts.

-If necessary, classify the content as inappropriate.

-Restrict access to selected content.

-Delete these contents.

-Prevent access to the platform.

Initially the procedure established by Google is aimed at prevent malicious content from being distributed by users who store them in Drive, but may go so far as to delete it.

From Google will notify the user via email where the user will be notified of the situation and will be informed of the actions that can be taken.

In case the user sees his access to a file blocked, he can make an allegation to Google to clarify the situation and, if necessary, recover those files. This procedure can be reviewed by the user by logging into their Google Drive account. To do so, follow these steps:

-Select file.

-Open the file.

-Select “Share”

-Select “Request Review”.

After that we will have to wait for the decision from Google. And depending on the outcome, especially in the case of storing images with sexually explicit content, it could be time to look for other alternatives to save photos in the cloud.

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