Google hides a surprise when you search for “Suez Canal”.

A Google loves to hide small surprises – commonly referred to as “Easter eggs”, which translates as “Easter eggs” in Spanish, although they have nothing to do with Holy Week – and search engine users love to find and share them.

Google hid a moving boat to celebrate the reopening of the Suez Canal

They could well be doodles with a hidden message, hidden games that can only be accessed through a careful search or little twinkles related to breaking newslike the ones we found and who we share.

All eyes have been on him for a week Ship trapped in the Suez Canalthat has paralyzed shipping on the African continent for days. The EverGiven ship was stranded in the channel through Egypt and the sea route was only opened and restored today.

To celebrate the reopening of the Suez Canal, Google “hidden” one of its little wink in the search engine. In this case, it only works if you search for a few English words: “Suez Canal” or “Ever Given”.

If you are looking for either of these two terms, A small boat appears above of the search results you recently searched for free and unlocked. It emulates the Ever Green and is displayed as follows:

We checked that when searching in Spanish and typing “Suez Canal” the ship does not show up. So if you want to discover the new Google “Easter Egg”, you need to enter the search terms in English on the Google Search Engine toolbar.

It also won’t work if the search is done through the Google app or the mobile version of the search engine. In order for the boat to be displayed, it is necessary to search for the desktop version of Google using the web browser.

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