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Google Chrome

Working with multiple tabs of a browser like Google Chrome at the same time is useful when processing a lot of information. Unfortunately, the consumption of resources in both RAM memory and CPU usage is significant, which can slow down work.

Google Chrome is getting a number of improvements aimed at improving the performance of the tabs and how they are organized

To avoid this, Google has just made some improvements to the organization, performance, and use of the tabs on its Google Chrome browser to make things easier for users.

First off now, google chrome tabs charges up to 10% faster Thanks to the integration of a technology called Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) that gives priority to the most common tasks and gets them done faster.

On the other hand too comes a function that enables the tabs to be arranged in groups, something that was already available on Android. This allows tabs to be grouped and given a personalized label with a name and color. This is how you can set up groups of tabs by subject, date, etc.

To create a group, all you have to do is right-click on a tab, select «Add tab to group» and then press «New group». Groups can be collapsed with all their tabs to leave more space in the top bar.

Chrome tabs

Finally, in Google Chrome, you can also fill out PDF files and save them in tabs so that they can be kept at hand without any additional program.

All of these enhancements are available in the latest version of Chrome, although hopefully some users won’t see them just yet as their launch is gradual.

It also seems that Further improvements in organization and browser in sight. The Chrome Beta got a feature that prioritizes which tabs are used and removes resources from the inactive ones.

This isn’t the only improvement implemented in the beta as the tabs have a preview system. Just by hovering over a tab with the mouse A thumbnail will be displayed showing the content. This is ideal when the tab bar is full of it and some are lost position. Currently, these two options aren’t available on the popular version of Chrome, but are expected to be available soon.

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