Google increases Workspace storage for individuals

Google Workspace

Workspace, Google’s productivity suite, will soon increase the storage space available to users on their individual accounts. This will allow go from the current 15 Gb to no less than 1 Tb..

Workspace individual accounts allow professional users not integrated in companies or organizations to take advantage of its services.

Google has announced that this increase in the storage capacity of individual accounts will take place in an automated manner, making it easier for individual professional users, who are not part of an organization with a collective Workspace account, also have more storage capacity in the Cloud without having to pay the high prices of these plans, which are designed for enterprise environments with large workforces.

The strategy behind this decision also means that users who store more information in this augmented Cloud will have an additional argument for resistance to change.

If a large amount of data is stored in the Workspace Cloud it will be necessary, in the event of wanting to move that data to a rival service, for the new destination to also offer that large capacity, for prices to be competitive and, ultimately, to have to back up a large number of gigabytes of information before moving it to the new Cloud service.

In short, this is a thinly disguised way of competing with one of the great references in the sector, Microsoft with Office 365.

At the moment, Google has expanded the availability of individual storage plans in Workspace to countries such as Argentina Belgium, Philippines, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Netherlands, Portugal, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, after a first moment in which this modality reached Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Japan and Mexico, in addition to different countries in Europe, where Google Workspace individual for freelancers has been operating since the beginning of this year 2022.

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