Google introduces a keyboard shortcut for searches

Google has made a change to its search engine for desktop computers, both PC and Mac. From now on whenever you access the internet and do a search The cursor can be placed directly on the search bar, thereby shortening the keyboard operation. With this new functionality, it will be much easier and faster to customize and optimize the query.

Pressing «/» immediately places the cursor on the search bar

As soon as the user has carried out an initial search and is on the results page displayed by the Google search, he can press the “/” key. The cursor is automatically placed in the search bar. This allows you to refine or expand the search without having to navigate with the mouse until it is placed in the bar and you can type again.

This update for the operation of the Google search is not intended to make the first search easier and faster, but to adapt and correct the original term of the query. Therefore, it is not a change that will affect the main Google website where the cursor has been automatically positioned in the search bar for a long time.

To notify users of this new shortcut key, Google places a small black box in the lower left corner of the results page with the letters “Press / to get to the search box”.

Google search, or in other words, is the most visited website in the world and is accessed hundreds of millions of times a day. The company presents every little piece of news in its search engine, Be it to make your design, the way your algorithm works or your search engine more efficient. Last January, the mobile version of the site was completely renewed without any further steps.

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