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Google already has stories of its own, short-lived story-style content from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest … and even the ones announced by Slack yesterday. It seems that every social platform should have a short content format that disappears shortly after it is published and Google does not want to be left behind in the current trend, even if there is currently no social network as such.

Google Stories can be created by the media, creators of content on websites … and used by all users of your app

Google Stories are now available in the Google Search app for both iOS and Android. Initially, they land in the US, India and Brazil, although the company claims they will be available to the search app’s 800 million monthly users in the coming months and are looking to expand them to other search products as well. Google.

However, it must be taken into account that Google Stories is very different from the others. Google calls these stories “Web Stories” and they are displayed in a carousel format on the Discovery tab at the top of the screen. To go from one to the other, just click on them, as in the rest of the applications. However, Google wants content already published on the web to be discovered, not so much the creation of their own content by users who upload their selfies.

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Web Stories that can be seen and consumed by all users can only be created by creators, media, and other publishers who have control over the monetization of content and are responsible for hosting that content on your website, as is the case for example is when search results are displayed on Google. In this sense, let’s say Web Stories is another search result, but it is more visual.

For example, in order for stories to be created, this is necessary Use a tool like a WordPress pluginthat enables the creation and display of the content of a website for all users. There is also the option of programming the stories yourself. Google claims that more than 2,000 websites worldwide already publish web stories that are indexed by Google.

All types of content can be included in it: full screen video, photos, and audio. In this case, unlike Instagram where you have to have 10,000 followers, you can add a link if you want something that is the responsibility of the content creator.

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