Google is changing the Google My Business analysis

Google My Business directs Changes to your statistics areaprovides new views and simplified reports for analyzing the performance of a Google My Business profile.

The new Google My Business Statistics reports will gradually be activated.

The changes to the “Statistics” section have already been implemented. However, it will take a few months to fully apply as new reports are gradually activated. There is currently no official information on how long it will take for the new reports to be fully active.

When a user accesses the Statistics section located in the left sidebar of the Google My Business profile, a message will appear at the top of the screen with the following message: “Your data will be transferred”. In the following picture we can see the banner with the message from Google.

With this new implementation, more key metrics can be obtained directly from the company profile, starting with the interactions that inform the user of the frequency with which other users contact the company or access the profile. With that in mind, as reported by Google, the previous versions of the metrics will be removed from the application once this new report is fully implemented.

These new reports can be generated using Google My Business search data or Google Maps. Historical data is currently available for the past six months. However, it is also possible to select the service period that you want to consult. These metrics are updated daily.

Once this change is implemented, Google plans to add more metrics and detailed reports on searches and the number of users accessing the profile. Again, the Redmond company has not provided any official information on when the new reports will be implemented.

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