Google is extending forced teleworking until September 2021

Google had indicated that its employees would not be able to return to the office until July 2021, making teleworking mandatory. However, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to develop, the company has decided to postpone the date to September next year.

Google will test a hybrid model of facial work with some employees three days a week

This was confirmed to all employees by the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, through an internal email. He also pointed this out Experiment with a “hybrid” model of teleworking This allows some employees to work from home part of the week. The test, which includes three working days in the office and two days teleworking, is only carried out when it is “safe for all employees” to return to the office.

According to the manager, this hybrid model is designed to both increase productivity and encourage camaraderie and improve the mood of employees, some of whom have expressed their fatigue while working from home without contact with other team members.

However, this hybrid model also means that employees must live within a certain maximum distance from offices. In addition, it is only available to people who do not need to have contact with special equipment for their work. For example, server maintenance technicians have to go to their workstations every day.

What is strange to a certain extent is that A full teleworking solution has not yet been offered for those employees who so wish. Other companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have already announced plans to “forever” extend remote work for some of their employees.

It’s strange that Google didn’t take any steps on this when it was one of the first tech companies to decide in March last year to send its employees home as soon as the World Health Organization (WHO) reported the coronavirus pandemic. .

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