Google is hiding a surprise for Pride month

At the beginning of June, many companies dared to change their profiles on social networks to accommodate the rainbow flag. June is the month of LGBT Pride and among the companies that traditionally attend these celebrations are major internet companies.

Google takes part in the pride celebrations with one of its traditional Easter eggs

In fact, Facebook brings a variety of features and tools to market every year, just like Instagram – which also colors over a hundred allusive hashtags and offers new stickers for stories – and other platforms do the same.

This year, Google is also participating in the celebration by hiding one of its traditional “Easter Eggs” or “Easter Eggs” which is a surprise feature that users must discover in order to activate either in their doodles or anywhere else in the searcher. The company usually does this on special holidays or by hiding games and jokes in the browser.

This time the search engine is not getting any less and now has activated an “Easter Egg” for Pride month. If you want to find out, all you have to do is go to and type in “Pride Month” (Pride Month, that would be the translation, although the surprise is not activated in Spanish at the moment).

If you click on the magnifying glass, the search results will appear like any other search on Google. However, just a few seconds after listing all of the results, you will see a large amount of confetti falling from the top of the page, and also a variety of LGBT flagsas can be seen in the picture above.

With this novelty, Google wants to take part in the celebrations for a Pride, which, despite the fact that some cities will host some in-person events, has been mainly online for another year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because most of the population has not yet been vaccinated.

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