Google is improving Core Web Vitals by blocking their use in some countries

Google will start blocking what are known as core web vitals, the performance factors of websites that have become SEO positioning factorsin all those countries with slow internet connections.

To improve the performance of Core Web Vitals, Google will block its use in countries with slow internet connections.

The core web vitals are a series of metrics that evaluate the so-called “user experience” on websites and have become an important SEO positioning factor in 2021. As announced by Google, they will be taken into account from May this year. These “signals” are divided into two parts: the Field metrics and the from the laboratory.

Field metrics are the actual results that Google assigns from the experience of the website visitors. For example, a page that loads quickly and does not contain elements that “move” as it loads would get a high score. The laboratory metrics are results generated from a simulated visit using one of the tools offered by Google. With this in mind, laboratory measurements are used by SEOs to diagnose and improve the performance of a website.

To get a “clean” reading of the Core Web Vitals, Google doesn’t consider field metrics in all those countries that have slow internet connections. A decision was made that these connections would not affect the scores of the websites and that the users themselves would block access to their websites from users from countries with slow connections, which could affect the scores. .

With this in mind, Martin Splitt, one of Google’s SEO experts, pointed out that while the loading speed and ease of use of the pages are a positioning factor, they are not the only ones. With that in mind, Splitt points out that one of the best things you can do to improve Core Web Vitals is to remove all superficial elements from a webpage (scripts, widgets, slow loading images, etc.).

In the following videos you can see the Google talk in which Martin Splitt explained the blocking of Core Web Vitals in these countries at the end of December:

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