Google is improving its image search algorithm

Google ha started a new algorithm for image search in Google Images, which reduces the number of duplicate images displayed in search results.

Google released the new image algorithm in November, but only announced it last week.

In this sense, Reduce the number of duplicate images When viewed in the results, Google gives more space to display different images related to the keyword searched. In this way it is possible to find a wider variety of images.

In the same way, Google made changes to allow the search engine to do this understand the meaning of a search term. This means that an image can be positioned for a keyword that is not included in its description or title.

With that in mind, before the new algorithm was introduced, when searching with the word “Jaguar”, Google could show results about the animal or car based on the user’s most recent search activity. With the changes made, images are now displayed for both meanings.

The following tweet shows Google’s statement through its official Twitter account. It should be noted that “Buttons” also appear at the top of the results, which are used as labels to refine the search results:

Although Google recently announced these changes, in reality the new algorithm was introduced in November 2020, as can be seen from the following tweet from the official Google account:

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