Google is offering money to make up for Google+ mishaps


Google sends emails to hundreds of users offering them money. The news hit the inboxes of many users in the US earlier this month, and many thought it wasn’t real. Whatever it is.

Google is offering US users $ 12 who have had their personal information disclosed for four and a half years

The e-mail comes from a sender who identifies himself with the following e-mail address “[email protected]”. In the text, users are not asked for money, as with any spam message, but money is offered to compensate people who were affected by the data protection problems registered by Google+ and led to their closure in 2019.

The Google social network, the umpteenth attempt to bring the company to its own 2.0 platform, has disclosed the private data of some users for more than four and a half years. User information was accessible because it could be used by strangers, and the fact that the situation could not be resolved was one of the reasons that led to the closure of the social network as Google+ had become a drain for cyber criminals.

Despite disclosing their data, Google never compensated users. It is now, in August 2020, more than a year after the social network’s final shutdown, when the company is preparing to compensate users by offering them a payment of $ 12 each.

The amount is so ridiculous that you might think it was a fraudulent email. However, Google has confirmed its accuracy. Of course, the company has stated that the email is only being sent to seek compensation for US residents.

In addition to meeting this requirement, you must have been a Google Plus user between January 1, 2015 and April 2, 2019, the period in which the data was disclosed until the social network was closed.

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