Google is testing a “dark mode” for desktop searches

The “dark modes” have become popular in mobile applications for both iOS and Android. There are many platforms that this year launched support for this “night mode” that will allow you to see the screen in a more beautiful way for the human eye in low light conditions Change the traditional white background to a black backgroundAnd at the same time represent a battery saving. Gmail, Google App, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram … are just some of the applications that have already launched their “dark mode” in the last few months.

Google is conducting an A / B test with some users showing how they would look with dark mode on the desktop

However the “dark mode” so widespread already in the apps is not as popular in the desktop versions of these platforms. Facebook, for example, when it launched as part of the radical redesign that was presented earlier this year, and Twitter, but Google hasn’t yet created such a “dark mode” for the desktop.

Could be the next arrival when Google starts testing to include a native “dark mode” in its search. Back in May he conducted a test in Chrome and allowed Android to show darkest pages looking, but now it is running a test A / B for a native dark theme looking from the desktop.

Some users have already been able to try this “dark mode” for which it still has some profiling functions. For example, the Google logo is displayed on a white box as shown in the picture. The letters don’t appear in white, however more of a gray toneUnlike most of the “dark mode” of other applications. Some icons have not yet been adjusted to look better with the background of the black screen.

Normal functionality is not yet working properly to be a test A / B (shown only to a few users). Google has not officially confirmed the development of these practices as well, so it is not known when it would officially launch the new “dark mode” for desktop searches when you finally plan on hacerlo.Firefox.

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