Google is working on creating the “perfect” hearing aid

Google is working on a small device that can help improve the hearing of people with hearing problems. It is a super hearing aid, the development project of which is codenamed Wolverine.

Google’s Super Hearing Aid allows you to pick a single voice from a crowd to improve your hearing

This name could have its origins in the character of the same name (Wolverine, in Spain) from the Marvel comics and films who, among his superhuman abilities, has high acuity of hearing. And so, some of the features that this hearing aid would include that one of the departments at Google would work in Pick a single person from a crowd to increase the volume and sound quality of your voice compared to the others.

X Development is the division of Alphabet (Google’s parent company) that is responsible for development advanced hearing aidSo far, the prototypes have been big enough to cover the entire listening pavilion, which was equipped with multiple microphones, but they are already working with small prototypes. This is precisely the greatest challenge for such an ambitious and demanding goal: to reduce the size of the hardware that can detect sound from multiple directions and process and distinguish sound waves.

Indeed, in the case of the commercial phase (something that has not yet been confirmed by Alphabet) there could be more than one type of device that could almost be spoken of custom hearing aids depending on the needs of the users, given the differences between different hearing improvement needs for each individual.

X Development is Alphabet’s design department advanced and ambitious projectsalthough they do not always crystallize to great success or develop into a commercial phase. So far, devices such as Google Glass or the Loon System have been offered, a series of hot air balloons with which remote areas with little equipment with communication infrastructures can be covered on a mobile basis. The first was reduced to a small industrial niche while the second was canceled.

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