Google launches a guitar tuner


Google’s search engine has hundreds of hidden features, hidden tools and games that can be accessed by running some simple command.

Google adds a feature that’s present in most guitar tuner apps

Now just discovered the existence of a new function, which is sure to delight those who like to play the guitar, as the Google search engine hides a tuner for this musical instrument, very simple to use.

In order to use this tool just type in “Google tuner” in the Google search engine, both from the web and from the Android and iOS mobile apps. When you do so, an interface appears very similar to that of any other guitar tuning app on the market, the good thing is that you won’t need to download one, since this function is integrated into the Google search engine.

Google tuner

When you access the tuner, the microphone of your computer or mobile phone will serve to put the guitar in tune. All you have to do is touch a string of the guitar and, analyzing the sound that comes through the microphone of the device, Google will detect the note you are trying to play and analyze whether it is in tune or out of tune.

Google will point out how the string needs to be adjusted to make the note sound right. It’s not a feature that’s going to beat the dozens of guitar tuning apps on the market, but at least it’s easy to use and it’s integrated into the browser.

That if, its effectiveness will depend on the quality of the microphone of the device that is used, since if this picks up too much background noise may not properly establish the necessary tuning for the guitar.

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