Google launches .day domains to celebrate special days

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Google Registry, the Google tool that allows you to register domains on the Internet has launched a new domain system that allows you to register online addresses with the ending .day

Google Registry is Google’s tool that allows Internet users to register any domain name

These new domains can be used by religious and cultural organizations, for example, to open pages to inform about a specific holiday or event, such as Ramadan (imagine, Valentine’s Day ( or any other celebration that takes place anywhere in the world, to publicize its origin, calendar of events, photographs … and so on.

Google also allows Non-Governmental Organizations from all over the world to register this type of domains, which will be used to open pages related to International Day celebrations on almost any topic. For example, for International Breast Cancer Day or International Children’s Day.

Companies can also get a .day domain to celebrate a corporate event or, for example, the launch of a new product. Among the companies that have already acquired one of these domains is Ferrero, which has acquired the domain “”. In the United States, the wedding event organization company The Knot has acquired the domain “”

In the same way, Google has also launched a campaign for users to make donations in favor of the NGO Save the Children through the domain. The idea is that funds can be requested on the occasion of their birthday celebration to family and friends and that the gift will be that “donation” to the non-governmental organization.

This measure is reminiscent of the possibility of raising funds with charitable causes on the occasion of the birthday that Facebook launched years ago for all its users.

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