Google launches Fundo, a website where you can make money from online events

Google Fund

Google officially launched Fundo, a website where content creators can become master of ceremonies of a virtual meeting where they can sell tickets and make money. Fundo has been in the test phase since last summer and was only available to a few hundred users handpicked by Google. However, it is now available to everyone.

Fundo, a mixture of online event service and video conference app, is now available to everyone after one year of testing

As a spectator, the user will find a catalog in Fundo with virtual group and individual encounters with photos, workshops … that are carried out by people with a relevant presence on the Internet. There are all kinds of topics: sports courses, cooking guides, language courses … and to take part you only have to pay the registration fee set for the event.

Creators can also register for Organize your own events and calculate them. Fundo offers you the streaming service, hosting and payment processing and management. It is they who set the price for their events, however Google keeps 20% of the total of the proceeds.

This is Fundo

Fundo can be used of up to 30 users at the same timeSo it focuses more on small events than concerts and mass seminars.

It is necessary to create an account in Fundo to access the existing streams and to organize one. Of course, the Fundo account can be linked to an account that has already been created in Google.

It is no coincidence that Fundo is now available. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has made virtual meeting apps and hosting events increasingly popular on the internet.

Fundo combines what apps like Zoom offer with virtual payment entertainment like OnlyFans. However, without monthly subscriptions, you only pay for each event. In addition, it is more open to all kinds of topics and is designed to host exclusive online broadcasts for a small audience.

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