Google launches “Google Tables”, its new Trello-like task organizer

Task activities in Google Tables

Google just launched Google Tables, a new tool – still in beta – that can be used to organize projects in the style of Trello, Notion, and other task management applications.

Google Tables was developed by the Area 120 team, a test and experiment space for the search engine company to encourage the development of new creations by its employees.

Google Tables is the new start of Google’s 120 range for managing, organizing and controlling projects, which is currently only available in the US under two modalities: one free and one paid for $ 10 in the three-month trial period

The tool enables users to create rooms for monitoring, controlling and managing business, corporate or technological projects and can already be accessed via its own website, although the service is only active in the USA.

Google Tables organizes the management of projects

The design is very similar to that of Gmail, where the white color stands out from the rest and maintains business hegemony. There are two versions, free and paid, which cost $ 10 per month.

The free version allows you to create up to 100 tables for workflows (or tables as Google calls them) with 1,000 rows for each table. Among other things, you can attach and share files with a weight of up to 1 GB per table, perform up to 50 different actions per table, access the restricted history, share the use of the platform, create forms and automate processes and views.

The premium version costs $ 10 per month but is free to try for three months. It allows the user to create up to 1,000 work tables with 10,000 rows per table, share files up to 10 GB in weight per table, and perform 500 actions per table. In addition, you can access the extended history, share the use of the platform, create forms and automate processes and views.

If you use Google Tables, you can manually create a table from scratch or import the information from a table or CSV file. Once the data or tables that have already been created have been migrated, some functions can be performed in Google Tables:

-Project and task management: It has a scheduled task tracking system with features to customize views and instant access to control development, who is responsible, etc.

-IT operations: Enables the generation of organizational processes in response to requests for technology support through tickets that are created to assign tasks to members of the customer service system.

-Customer monitoring and sales CRM: With this function, the relationship with potential customers is managed in a personalized manner and the entire sales process is controlled individually.

-Employees, teams and employees: Allows you to create spaces to improve the recruitment processes, follow the candidates and enter them directly as employees after their selection.

-Start new products– If your company is managing new products and projects, use Google Tables to showcase them and highlight features, creators, managers and anything else you want.

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