Google launches Google Workspace, its renewed productivity suite

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Google has renewed its productivity tool G Suite for business and now includes all Google productivity apps under the same fan: Google Workspace, a solution that now includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Google Meet …

Google Workspace is a scalable payment tool for SMBs and large companies

As part of the renovation, the user experience has been improved and the branding of the products has been changed, including logos. In addition, new opportunities have been added to implement bespoke solutions to suit the working reality of any business. Teleworking is now the rule.

According to Google, Workspace will make it easier to make the change many organizations are going through, where work will be divided among more employees, time will become more fragmented, and it will be more difficult to build and maintain human relationships. In this diverse world, tools are needed that enable collaboration.

Google Workspace integrates all of these productivity tools for all paying customers into the same program that can be used from their mobile phone, home computer, or anywhere else. For example, companies can now grant guest access to Chat and Drive to hold meetings or to share documents with external providers in their own work environment.

Another new feature that is included is built into documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. In these programs you can now Preview of a linked file without having to open a new tab, which means less time moving from one application to another and more time getting work done.

When someone’s name is @mentioned in a document, their contact information is displayed (including those of people outside of your organization) and even suggested actions, such as: B. adding this person to contacts or communicating with them. via email, chat or video.

More features will be added in the coming weeks, such as the ability to Create and collaborate with guests as they draft a document in a chat room, even if they are outside the company, as everyone shares the same information.

Also integrated is the picture-in-picture function, with which you can now see and hear people as you work with them, from Meet to Gmail to other tools such as documents, sheets and presentations.

Google has announced that it will also expand some of these built-in functions in the coming months free productivity tools. However, they will be much more limited.

In addition, the pricing policy of Google Workspace has been updated to 4.68 euros per user per month compared to G Suite. While small businesses are offered a “self-service” solution, large businesses are provided with bespoke solutions based on their needs so that they receive a study and a personalized budget when using Workspace.

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