Google launches its new “virtual business cards”

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Google has implemented a “virtual business card” in India so that all users who are interested in the Internet can be easily found by other contacts.

Google introduces the “Virtual Business Card” in India as it is one of the countries where users most often use the search engine to find other people

These virtual business cards, personal or visiting cards, were implemented primarily in India, as the analysis carried out by Google shows that this is the country where users use the search engine most often to find other people.

Because of this, Google is launching this new feature in the country. Although 24 different languages ​​are spoken in India and the two official languages ​​are Hindi and English, these cards are currently only available in English.

Interested users need to create the cards fill out a form with your personal data, description, links to your social networks and your website. As for the photo, the default photo that will appear is the one you use in your personal Google account. Optionally, you can provide other information such as your phone number, personal address, work and educational information, and an email address.

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In order to be able to access this virtual business card, the user must first log into his Google account. Then you have to Do an automatic search with your name for the system to activate the form. You can enter the information there.

The more you involve, the more likely other people will find you when they search for you on Google. As a very open function with sensitive data, the search engine has found a way to counter possible malicious attempts, improper use of the function or spam. For this purpose, the creation of cards per user has been limited, using the Google account as a reference: only one card can be configured per person.

If users come across cards that contain little information, are flawed or suspect identity theft, they can report this via a direct link to Google. If a user wants to unsubscribe from this feature, they can do so at any time by simply deleting their card.

While it doesn’t act as a social network and you can’t add or follow people, Google wants this business card to in some way replace the searches of other people that users do and in many cases produce results from LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft and other similar services.

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