Google launches new tools for hotels

Google launches updates for Google Hotel Ads

Since last year, Google has allowed hotel and travel websites to appear in hotel booking links for free. It is a measure that the company adopted to help the hospitality industry in the face of the sharp drop in tourism due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which is still active.

Google will offer detailed reports to hospitality establishments to better understand the customer traffic they receive from the search engine

In fact, Google has announced that it is expanding these tools for hotel establishments in order to help them now that tourism seems to be starting to pick up worldwide. In this regard, it has confirmed the launch of new benefits and solutions to offer a better experience to hoteliers and travelers (they will still be able to make reservations as usual). The new features are as follows:

-Free hotel booking links on Search and Google Maps. In addition to appearing on hotel booking links for free since last year, Google now launches free booking links on Search and Google Maps, expanding your visibility to potential customers.

-Free hotel click reports. With these reports, Google’s hotel partners will be able to better understand the customer traffic they receive through Google and thus tailor their campaigns and communications.

-Hotel rates through company profiles. To get the most out of their Google Business profiles, hotels will be able to provide rate and availability information directly to Google, without complex requirements. This option will be available next April.

-Local hotel postings on business profiles. Hotels can now use the local posting feature on their Google business profiles to share timely updates with interested travelers.

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