Google launches new tools to find discounts online

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Google has launched new tools to make finding discounts and bargains online an easier task. The new functions arrive – not coincidentally – in the month of November, a time of year in which the network is filled with discounts with Black Friday and when users are preparing to start shopping for the Christmas season.

These are the new functions that Google has developed and that are now available to users of the search engine – or its Google Chrome browser – around the world.

How to find discounts with new Google features

Google has created these new functions to make online shopping easier from its own search engine, without having to enter each of the e-commerce pages to compare prices or search for relevant offers:

– Promotions and discounts: To activate this function you just have to enter the Google search engine, from any browser, and write “Purchase offers.” If no results appear when typing “Shopping offers” in the search engine, enter the order in English: “Shop deals.”

Automatically, the platform will show you the biggest sales in Christmas categories, such as: clothing, electronics, toys and beauty. If you want to obtain results by department, just select the category that interests you and that’s it.

The results can also be sorted by stores, whether they are retailers, recognized brands or large online outlets such as Amazon or eBay.

Offer comparator on Google

– Price statistics: You just have to enter the “Purchases” or “Shopping” section of Google, search for the product you want to purchase, click on one and consult the price information on the right side of the screen. This way you will know if the specific item is within the average price of the sector so that you do not pay more than you should.

Check Google price history

– Price tracking: By searching for an item in a new Google Chrome browser tab on your mobile, you can receive alerts when the product’s price drops or you receive a special offer. Just tap the star icon, flip the switch, and hit “Done.”

Price tracking on Google

– Check discounts: When you enter the search engine in a new tab using Google Chrome, the platform will show you the products you recently searched for and will inform you if they have an offer at the bottom of the screen.

check discounts on Google

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