Google launches Spaces, its solution for combining face-to-face and online work

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Google has bolstered its Workspace productivity suite by releasing Spaces, a collaborative realm aimed especially at the work groups of this stage in which many are moving in a hybrid model that alternates face-to-face and teleworking.

Spaces unifies access to the various tools in the Google Workspace productivity suite

Available to all Workspace users, Spaces combines the capabilities of Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Tasks so teams can collaborate by sharing ideas, knowledge, and projects while building and strengthening their community and team culture.

Telecommuting has become a habit for many, in addition to those who have adopted a hybrid model in which face-to-face is limited to a few hours of the workday or a few days a week.

The need to remain productive from the most varied locations and also remain connected with the rest of the workforce makes it essential to access platforms such as Google Workspace which, through Spaces, provides various integrated tools to create documents, collaborate and share them, communicate with the rest of the team members, organize agendas and calendars, hold virtual meetings..

Over the next few months, Spaces users will be able to add, to the tools already mentioned, others such as:

-Improved navigation interface to unify the space from which to access chats, messages and meetings.

Possibility to discover new Spacesfacilitating access to all members of the organization to the contents and conversations that take place in Spaces.

-Enhanced search which allows you to locate any information within all shared and accessible spaces and documents.

-Powered Threads in the possibilities to be able to respond to any message from any Space, facilitating collaboration and communication.

-Reinforced administration functions to make it easier for content administrators and moderators to set the rules they deem most appropriate to regulate communication between the community.

Spaces, as a virtual place of asynchronous collaborationprovides some new functions that improve the coordination between workgroups, such as the one that allows to set meetings or appointments in a unified way for all participants who indicate in their calendar the day they are going to be in person at the workplace. This allows you to automatically determine in advance whether a meeting can be held in person.

In such meetings, content or a presentation can be shared from a computer via Companion, providing a common “whiteboard” where interlocutors can participate with written comments via chat or take votes to make decisions about the subject matter being worked on. To ensure that the conversation can be held even in noisy environments, Companion will offer the option of transcription of the conversation to live textwhich is currently being developed for English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, although more language options will be added later.

Incorporating the Goole Meet tool into Spaces allows team members to connect via audio or video callsand can be answered from your computer or smartphone.

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