Google launches Stack, an app for digitizing documents

Google just got one new tool called Stack. It’s an app that allows you to digitize all kinds of documents, recipes, files … and automatically save them in Google Drive in a new folder called “Stacks”.

In addition to scanning, Stack extracts the really important information from each document

Developed by Google’s experimental application development team, Area 120, the app allows us to keep in the cloud all the documents that we normally have on the table or in a drawer: invoices, receipts, various insurance companies for documents, banks , etc … everything can easily be digitized with the stack.

However, the app doesn’t stop at a simple “scan”. The new thing is that «Stack» can recognize with the help of artificial intelligence What information is really important? on every digitized document. In addition to saving the copy of the file in Google Drive, a type of file is also created that contains all the relevant information contained in the documents.

It’s a way of extracting what’s really worthwhile from all of this documentation and storing it digitally. The idea was developed by Area 120, but the reality is that it’s part of a company called Socratic that Google bought back in 2018.

Its founder – who now works in the development team of Google Area 120- Socratic used Google’s speech recognition technology to help students with their homework. In collaboration with DocAI, the Google Cloud team that develops artificial intelligence projects, he has now applied all the development that he did in the app to better organize not notes but all types of documents.

Stack was designed to apply its technology to Socratic developments. Currently, this application is available for Android users who just need to take a photo of the document in question to use it is saved in the Stacks folder of Google Drive In addition, all relevant information they contain is extracted.

Immediate release for iOS is currently not expected as a tool “in the test phase”. This depends on the feedback that Google is receiving, which has officially launched, and which is also reaching users of Apple’s mobile operating system.

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