Google Lens searches arrive without leaving Chrome

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The Chrome browser is soon to incorporate the ability to search with Google Lens without having to leave the web page you are visiting. For this purpose, a small window will open on the side of the browser after clicking the right mouse button, and in this window this search can be carried out.

The access to Google Lens will be done by clicking the right mouse button

Google Lens is the augmented reality application with which objects can be recognized using the mobile camera. Some Android devices have the Google Lens intelligent recognition option natively integrated into their own camera applications, but it is available as a standalone app for both iOS and Android.

So far if you want to use Google Lens on desktops and laptops the browser opens a new tab to perform the recognition and subsequent search, but all that will change with this novelty that will soon incorporate the Google Chrome browser. It will be enough to click the right mouse button with the mouse pointer on the image on which you want to establish the search, selecting from the menu that appears the option “Search image with Google Lens”.

That said, once the search through Google Lens gets a result, the same will appear in a different tab. From objects to buildings and animals, from works of art to clothing and plants, Google Lens is able to recognize and identify what appears in the photograph. And now, beyond being able to do so on objects in the physical world surrounding the user, it also transfers its ability to everything that appears in an image accessible from the Chrome browser.

This allows, depending on the case, to be able to acquire that same object or product, if Google Lens is not only able to recognize and identify it (it usually manages to do so with quite a success rate) but it is provided to the information on where it could be acquired the same or a similar product.

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