Google lets you create poetry by imitating the great poets


Verse by Verse is a new tool from Google that uses Artificial intelligence algorithms Retouch the poems written by the user and apply the style of the most famous American classical poets.

The tool is currently only available in English

The tool uses Google’s semantic artificial intelligence algorithms that were trained by the great American poets with hundreds of works. When you go to the verse by verse page and select the “Let’s write a poem” option, the user is asked to choose a poet from a selection of authors, including characters such as Emily Dickinson, Philip Freneau and Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Walt Whitman and many more.

When selecting an author, information about their biography and style is displayed on the left, obtained from Wikipedia and the Poetry Foundation. An example of his style is also shown so that the user can compare and know if it is a style that suits his own poetry. To continue you will need to click on the «Next» button in the upper right corner and access a page that will ask you to choose the form of the poetry, the number of syllables per verse and the type of rhyme.

Verse by verse IA of poetry

Once the poem is configured, the next page is where the user must write the poem. The user has to write the first line of his poem and press “Enter”. Then the AI ​​offers a number of options to choose from, written in the style of the selected poet. The tool enables the user Select the following verses or write your own. For each verse from the beginning, the tool generates new inspired verses and in context with the original user-created verse.

The following picture shows what an artificial intelligence created poem would look like from a verse by the user and in the style of Edgar Allan Poe:

Poem verse by verse

Once the poem is ready it must be titled and it can be downloaded. It is also possible to add different backgrounds to the poem to share the result on social networks.

Currently, this AI tool is only available in English as it was developed based on the work and style of leading American poets. There is currently no information on whether this project will be translated into other languages ​​in the style of other poets from different nations.

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