Google makes it easier to edit PDFs on Chromebook

Edit PDF documents on iPhone and iPad

Chromebook OS computers have gained great popularity over the past few months Lightweight, affordable, yet modestly featured computers compared to Windows or Mac-based PCs, sufficient to tackle educational or productivity tasks with ease.

A Chromebook’s own Photo Gallery will allow underlining, annotating, signing or filling out forms on PDF documents

It is precisely in these two fields, both professional and academic, where people work very often with documents in PDF format, which sometimes represent a headache for those who need to edit them quickly and agile. Something that has now been greatly simplified precisely in Chromebook computers thanks to the work of Google, developer of this peculiar operating system, Chrome OS, based on the Chrome browser and that, in practice, depends on an Internet connection and manage platforms connected to the network.

As of this week, Chromebooks will be able to edit PDF documents directly from the Gallerythe default application for photo editing. You will be able to underline, fill in forms, sign documents or add annotations on a PDF document. And all directly from the Gallery itself.

And is that the vast majority of Chromebook devices lack a PDF editor that comes installed by default, so you have to resort to apps developed by third parties, where there are from paid applications to others with limited functions. Google has decided, with good judgment, that nothing easier than being able to edit PDF documents directly from the Galleryan application that is already installed by default as part of the operating system itself.

In the case of both professionals and students this new possibility makes things much easier, and so among other things they can take notes by hand on the document itself, which can then be saved as a PDF with all those changes and edits incorporated using Cursive, app also included in ChromeOS.

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