Google Maps adds new features for local shopping

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Google Maps has launched four new features focused on improving the local shopping experience of users, something that in turn can help improve sales for stores and businesses.

The new features allow users to get more information when shopping at a local store, being able to place orders for pickup or avoid crowds.

These are the new features Google has implemented in Maps to improve shopping locally:

-“Directory” tab: Google Maps has expanded the “Directory” tab globally on Android and iOS. This tab is available for all airports, transit stations and also for shopping malls. This tab shows the shops that we can find in the building and helps to locate waiting rooms, car rentals or parking areas.

-Occupied Area: This new feature, allows us to see in real time if an area is full of people. In this way, we can avoid crowds. To access the data of this functionality, just open Google Maps and touch an area to see if it is very crowded or not. We will also have information about the hours in which there are more crowds.

-More information on restaurants: By searching for restaurants on Google Maps we will get more complete and detailed information, thanks to user reviews. By leaving a comment you will be able to share details about price and services (terraces, home service, curbside pick up and more). This information will be displayed in the restaurant’s profile, expanding the information offered by the companies.

-In-store shopping: Earlier this year, Google Maps piloted a feature in the US that allowed customers to order groceries from stores for later pickup. This functionality is now expanding to more than 2,000 stores in 30 US states (for now this functionality is not available in the rest of the world). Google tracks the status of the order and sends a notification when it is ready for pickup.

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