Google Maps adds new functions with Augmented Reality

Google Maps live view

Google has expanded Live View, the augmented reality tool from Google Maps introduced a year ago, with new functions that allow users to see how they get to their destination by showing instructions when activating the camera on their mobile phone are superimposed on the real image.

Google Maps has significantly improved location accuracy with augmented reality

Previously, Live View could only be used for walking in Google Maps. Now the function is also available on the “Traffic” tab. Thus, the augmented reality guide can be used while riding a bicycle, on public transport, in a private car, or in any other way.

Thanks to this new Live View function, the user can have a real view of the road and know more precisely where he is, where to go and how long it will take to reach his destination. Whether you are walking, using public transit, or traveling in your own vehicle, Google will display the GPS and mobile camera to display the directions on the real images, as shown below:

Live view traffic

It’s not the only novelty in Google Maps Live View, however. For example, from now on, whenever a search is performed or a specific place is shown, pointers to places of interest are also shown. For example, if the user is 500 meters from a monument, they will see a sign and how to get there, as shown in this illustration:

This novelty will be available to iOS and Android users in the coming weeks. Currently, however, information on objects of interest is only displayed in 25 cities: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Budapest, Dubai, Florence, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Kyoto, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York, Osaka, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo and Vienna. Google will add to the list in the coming months.

Share the location with augmented reality on Google Maps

Another novelty is the ability to share locations via Live View. This way, for example, you can send the location to a friend who just needs to open it and view the destination using augmented reality, as well as instructions on where the rest of their friends are. Right now, this feature is only available for Google Pixel phones, but the company has promised to launch it on iOS and Android soon.

Share Live View location

On the other hand, the precision of the location has also been improved through artificial intelligence and a better interpretation of the world topography. For example, it is now shown where a street begins, the location pin is not in a random area of ​​a street being searched, as it was before, and this can lead to errors, especially on very long streets. The significance of the change can be seen in this representation:

Ground anchor

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